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Several days ago we saw a snake very close to our house. Vlado was outside and he called me to show me … something. I came out all curious and relaxed. Then there was a snake. To say that I am afraid of snakes is to say nothing. It is more like a phobia, I guess. Something I cannot control. Something that derives from an early childhood, I guess. It doesn’t need to be a real snake though. A picture in a book is enough for me to panic and to feel absolute uncontrolled fear. But not this time. It was the first that I saw a snake without my heart beating up to 200 beats and without crying something like “Please make it go away!”. May be because this one was really tiny and I guess not poisonous one. May be not. But this was the first time in my life when I could see it as a living creature, not as a reason of my fear, not as my own expected image of my old patterned fear. I can say it all shorter. This time I could – SEE. She (that snake) lied under the grape lose. Then she felt our presenc…

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